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dirty joke

Back in high school, once upon a time, when I was riding the bus, one of the other kids started telling a joke. I wasn't one of the ones to whom he was telling it, but I knew it was a dirty joke because it was all in a huddle and with hushed voice. I heard absolutely none of the joke, except one word from the punchline - epiglottis. I can pretty much piece together the nature of the joke from that, as can most of my readers, I'm sure.

I never heard the joke, I don't care to ever hear it, but for some unfathomable reason, that word, and the associated incident just pops into my head. It's annoying. Why wont that memory just go away?

In other news, I saw that there is hope for the future today. When I went to Taco Bueno for lunch, there was a boy there with his mother (i presume). The kid was probably twelve years old. But he wasn't paying attention to anything else going on because he was to engrossed in his Star Wars novel. Maybe he will be the one to restore balance.

Finally, some things just are uncomfortable. I spoke to a womany yesterday to get some information for reserving a table at a club for Ninsi's upcoming birthday. I had to call her back today for a little more info. She sounded upset when she answered the phone, and soon informed me that a relative of hers had passed away just an hour before. So, I guess I'll have to get back to her on that reservation...

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