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I got up yesterday morning, and went out onto the balcony with the freshly bathed dog so that he could shake out the water. I noticed that one of the cables/lines coming off off the pole in the corner of our lot was dragging across the ground in the backyard.

It seemed to be coming from an electric pole, so I assumed it was a power line. I went out and look at it, without getting too close. And went over to the empty lot next to us where the end was actually laying on the ground.

One line was down, and there more were sagging enough that I could have reached up and grabbed them without jumping. So I called TXU and told them, expecting someone to come out right away and look. But apparently if it isn't jumping around and sparking, they dont care a whole lot. I had to call them again three hours later since no one had shown up yet. Ninsi and I had errands to run, so we left, and TXU did manage to come by while we were gone. They left a note on the door saying that the line was not theirs, and that perhaps we should contact some other electric company, the cable company, or the phone company.

My guess is the line is actually for the phone. But I dont want to get close enough to it to actually find out. I just am annoyed that TXU didnt seem to care enough to really put any effort into it.

We did, at least, manage to find a Christmas tree. It is now set up and mostly decorated in the living room. It is a little shorter than I expected, but we had to get one that would fit in the car. So the tree is just under 6' tall. Next year we might try for something a little more grand. We also have a ton of lights left by the previous home owners. I reckon we will put up some, but not all of them. I would rather not risk falling off a ladder and encountering paralysis, so if I did put up lights, they would become a permanent fixture on the house. And that is nigh unacceptable as well. So, our decorations will remain fairly spartan.

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