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In sight

The end of the Holiday season is withing reach now. The next three weeks are all short work weeks for me. Four, three, and three days each. So that is not a bad thing.

Cant say as I'll be sad when it is all over and done. Too much running around, and too much money spent.

Finish laying my concrete under the gate on Saturday. I think it went fairly well. Still have some clean up to do there. And definately need to completely rebuild the gate. It has started to come off of its hinges. Hopefully will get Donut out to help redo that in about a week.

Im also hoping to drive my brother's truck back down to Dallas from OK when we return from Christmas. Then I will be able to actually clean up the backyard and haul off all of the crap that is there. It's time to start getting it ready for Spring.

I need a shed.

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