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My car is still braking. And not leaking. The brake job continues to be a success.

Yesterday, as I was walking up the stairs to the fifth floor here at work, there was a woman walking up the stairs a little in front of me. She was wearing high heeled boots. And every time she picked up her foot, I saw something on the bottom, right in the center, of each boot. I thought it was a logo or something at first. A bright, shiny, yellow logo on the sole of her brown boots. But as she walked up the stairs, i was able to see that it was a bright yellow sticker. With a large number '9' on it.

New boots. Size 9.

I should have caught up to her and tried to guess her shoe size. Of course, if she lied, and said a '7' then I would know and would have to push her lying ass down the stairs. Or over the railing. Either one.

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