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The Engineering Inspector for Grand Prairie came by the house today to look at the cables that were running across the yard and said that he couldn't really do anything about it, but that they looked like cable and phone lines. The most he could do would be to call the cable company and tell them to come clean it up. I did that as well. They said it might be up to seven days before they could do it. The lines will not be there in seven days. By Friday, I will have taken a hatchet to them. Have Comcast/Time-Warner Cable. Still happy to have switched away from them.

Ninsi and I are currently debating trying to buy season tickets to the Dallas Summer Musicals. Definatly going to go see Wicked in April. But there are six other shows. At least three of which might be worth seeing. The season tickets may already be sold out. Not sure. We never have been real frequent theater goers. Im not sure if that is because we just haven't gone, or haven't paid enough attention to what is showing. Outside of our annual Shakespeare in the Park jaunts. Anyway, we may try to go more this year.

Culturfication. Swanky...

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The Metropolitan Opera's doing live simulcasts in movie theaters through the winter. March is Barber of Seville. It's a cheaper way to check the experience out and you can wear shorts.

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