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I like cheese. But I like Ninsi more.
Dont ask.

She threw things at me yesterday. I walked upstairs, and when she say me, she just started throwing. Apparently I had done something I wasn't supposed to do. And I didnt know I wasn't supposed to do it. There are rules in her head to which I am not privy.

I was in the store at lunch yesterday, and saw a robe (with slippers). And it was on sale. So I bought it for myself. I'd been thinking of getting one for quite some time.

Apparently, Ninsi was planning to get me one for my birthday. Which is still 3 months away, I might add. So how the fuck and Im supposed to now that I can't buy myself a robe?

Also, adnoids are tastier than cheese.

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Elanna give me a time frame. Like "Okay you're birthday is in a month, don't buy anything for yourself that you've told me you wanted."

That is too funny. Did she throw Cheese at you?

Yes, I know there is an time-frame which is off limits for self buying. But my birthday is in April. I bought this in January. My only window to buy myself stuff may be June 16, between 4:32 and 5:16 am.

She threw what was handy. Brush, deodorant, etc.

The cheese and adnoids were from an unrelated conversation.

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