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The weatherman cometh. But he was wrong. All we heard leading into the weekend was doom and gloom and ice up to our nose. It did get cold, and it did rain, but the reports were way overstated through Saturday night. It finally did ice over some last night, but it was supposed to be really bad before that.

Ninsi and I went out to see Pan's Labyrinth with Donut on Saturday, and went home immediately afterwards, expecting the roads to be bad. They were not. So we figured they would be really bad Sunday and we wouldn't be wanting to leave the house, so we went on to Kroger and bought a few items so I could make chili on Sunday. Sunday morning, nothing much had changed. Roads were still fine. So I made an omelette, then chili.

Turns out, Ninsi doesn't like my chili.

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your chili is fantabulous. I just don't like peppers.


I'm looking forward to seeing that movie -- I found the website somewhere, and just saw the trailer today... I think it looks really cool.

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