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Three weeks already gone in the new year. Aging sucks.
Slow weekend, mostly. Yesterday was a really nice day. Fairly randomly. It was clear skies and near sixty degrees. So of course Ninsi and I sat around the house and did nothing. I did sit outside for a while with the dog. We did eventually get out of the house to go buy dog food, but there was just too many people out and about. You get one nice weekend day surrounded by cold dreary ones, and everyone takes it as an excuse to be on the road.

Trying to go up to OK this weekend. Ninsi is going up to celebrate joint birthdays with her family. Im going to try to spend the weekend with the squid. Right now it looks like we would arrive in McAlester around 10 pm on Friday night. I wish we could get there closer to 8, but I dont think that's going to happen. It's nigh impossible to get out of Dallas on a Friday evening.

Not much else. Thinking of how to remodel the kitchen so that it doesn't cost more than about 5k, but still looks better. I think the answer is 'do-it-yourself.' Time to take a class on how to tile, I think.

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