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Thursday, I made omelettes. Sunday, Ninsi and I tried something new. Pasties. It's a traditional Cornish thing. Not unlike a hot pocket, with a history going back centuries. It was surprisingly easy. Ninsi made the dough while I cut up the meat, potatoes, turnip, and onion. Then it's just a matter of putting the filling on some dough, wrap, and bake for about an hour.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the taste, but they came out rather well. I think a little soy or worchestershire sauce next time will help a little, but isn't needed. Last night I made soup to be eaten today.

We are slowly putting together a kitchen that contains everything a cook or baker could possibly need. Not necessarily because we want the stuff, but because we keep making new things and have to buy something to go along with it. Like the flour sifter and the pastry cutter. We ran out of room a long time ago to actually store everythign though. Lack of space doesn't stop me from wanting a new marble pastry board, though.

When I log onto Amazon, it has a list of products that it recommends for me. All of them, except one, was a kitchen item. Granted, 5 of them were meat slicers, but still...

When I have something more exciting than cooking and cookware, I'll post it.

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No seriously... Cooking is keeping me on the edge of my seat...

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