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What'd she ever do to you?

There is a gay guy that sits in a cube near me. I don't interact with him. We work for different managers. But he talks on the phone a lot, and I generally can hear very well what he is saying. It gets annoying sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time. Because it just verges on gay drama. This morning, he was talking to someone else about lunch plans. This was a solid two hours before lunch.

"Well, I know I dont want Le Madeline or Chipotle... Of course, if Tammy goes, then Deila has to go. ... no, i dont think anybody likes her."

And then a hour later, talking to another guy about lunch:
"Call him, yes, I would love for him to go. But I know he won't because Deila will be there."

I need to find out who this Deila is and let her know that apparently, no one likes her. For her own betterment, of course.

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