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These guys are crazy.

Ninsi and I went to the gym last night. She wanted to do the 8 pm yoga class, and I decided to join her. But I wanted to get in some running first. We were a little behind shedule, so I got to run for 20 minutes, but got 2 miles done in that time.

I had never done yoga before at all. And for a while, it was pertty good. I was still hot from running, and going through the yoga exercises kept my body temp up for a while and I sweated for a good half hour into it. Then I started to cool down. About that time, it got kinda dull. By forty-five minutes, I was bored with yoga. It just wasnt holding my interest. Mind-clearing be damned.

The stretches were good, I could feel those, and I do need to stretch more, but Im not sure yoga is the best bet for me. Maybe if I did the hour of yoga before I went for an hour run would be the best bet. /shrug I'll give it another try and see. Maybe a different teacher would help too, since this woman went fairly quickly through poses, and for those of us that never have done it before, it was a little awkward trying to keep an eye on her to see what she was doing and trying to get the pose right at the same time.

In other news, our kitchen is in shambles. The oven is in the middle of the kitchen, the fridge is in the hallway, and the island is in the dining room. And, we're banned from it until tomorrow, at least.

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you can only run for 20 min puss

I can run for more than 20 minutes, dumbass. I just get interrupted or run out of time half the time it seems. Actually managed to get in 40 minutes last night. Though only 35 of that was actual running.

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