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Grown up

When you are a kid, you dont generally worry about the types of conversations that grown-ups have, except as they directly concern you. I never thought though, that they would be about such mundane things. Mortgages are something utterly foreign to a child, but adults can have complete coversations about them. I find that I can read through the city ordinances for an hour before tearing myself away. It's horrible reading. But somehow gripping. Like a train wreck.

Today, a co-worker and I had a conversation about landfills in our respective cities. Landfills are far from exciting, but the Grand Prairie landfill is way better than the Arlington one.

Did you know that in Grand Prairie, it is against city ordinance to play ball in the street? Any kind of ball. You can't stand in the street and throw a football. You can't kick a soccarball. You and a buddy can't stand in yards on opposite sides of the street and pass a ball back and forth. It's illegal.

My street is full of law-disregarding 12 year old hooligans, it seems.

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Fun usually is illegal. It's old fogies like us who complain about noisy kids in the road behind laws against playing ball in the street. Either that or some mom's kid got hit by a car when he was playing in the street.

Ok, so how is Grand Prairie's landfill "way better" than the Arlington landfill!?! Is it just because it stays open an entire half hour later than Arlington's? Silliness...utter silliness.

Hey, that's 2.5 hours a week. 10 hours a month. Do the math.

Well, at least our free mulch is bagged and you don't have to deal with -anyone- at the landfill to get it. ;-)

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