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Valentine's Day was yesterday. So, we did what all romantically inclined couples do. We went to the gym and worked out. Ninsi worked out anyway, I just ran. It wasn't a bad way to spend an hour. And since it was a psuedo-holiday, there gym was very not busy.

After the gym, we just went on up the road to the newly opened Arlington Studio Movie Grill. That may have been a mistake. It was seemingly the most popular place in the South last night. Most of the movies were already sold out, and I had to park aways over in the PetSmart parking lot. Fortunately(?), we bought our tickets online before going to the gym, so we were set.

I wont get into specifics, but the movie was a fine formulaic chick flick. The service provided by the grill though, was nothing short of horrendous. Maybe we just picked a bad night, or maybe they were just totally overwhelmed, but it still sucked. I think Ninsi should write them a sternly worded email.

Then we went home to have White Russian Milkshakes. EOF.

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