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Ranger Appliances

This is mainly a public service message to our Dallas area friends. If you ever need an appliance serviced or installed, do not use Ranger Appliance. If your home warranty tries to send them out, request a different company because they seriously suck.

They simply did not show up the first time, and claimed we were never on the schedule. This was after they had called to confirm a time. And Ninsi has gone back and forth with them a dozen times trying to verify that they were actually coming out today. Not yesterday like they tried to do, or tomorrow because they dont actually have any slots today, but magically were able to slip us in.

They aren't worth the hassle. Why are we still working with Ranger Appliances if it is so bad? Because, the other company that our home warranty uses has gone on vacation and we were left with no other option.

Again, for the record, Ranger Appliances sucks.

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