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A couple weekends back, when we went to Guthrie, I took the Squid to the mall and a movie. We went to see Night at the Museum, as it was the only thing that the two of us could agree on, since she wanted a slasher/thriller, and I didnt want to watch a piece of crap. Snarky comments about Night at the Museum and crap will be summarily ignored.

We got the theater early and thought we had plenty of time before it started. But we had only been in our seats about five minutes before the previews began. We got Spider-Man 3, Fantastic 4 part II, Transformers, and a couple others. Then the movie started.

About twenty minutes into the movie, it stopped. Then the previews started again. I checked the time, and it was now the actual time the movie was supposed to start. They had simple started everything about 30 minutes early. It made the wait in the theater a little more bearable, but it's still nutty that they did it.

This is actually the second time Ive had this happen. A movie start too soon.

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