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I went to the gym last night and got on a treadmill. My initial plan was just to go for half an hour and see how that went. I haven't ran at all in a couple years, so was just trying to see from where Im starting.

I wound up on the thing for an hour.
Distance Speed
3 mile 5 mph
1/4 m 6 mph
1/2 m 3 mph
1 mile 6 mph
1/4 m 3 mph

5 mph isn't very fast, but like I said, I hadn't ran in a while so didnt want to push. I was surprised that I could do it for a solid three miles though. I might be able to do 6 mph for three miles if I didnt start with half an hour of 5 mph.

My long term goal is 3 miles in 21 minutes. Im a long ways off of that. And may be too old to manage it. But I can dream.

I also must get new shoes. Maybe today.

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