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Thank Jebus for the cold

Beware the wives. They can be tricky. And yet, even their best laid plans to create a foul stench in your car can be undone by Old Man Winter.

I went to lunch today, as per the norm. When I got back into my car, I was looking in the back seat to see if I had dropped any peppermints there over the weekend. When I lifted the umbrella, I saw a pie pan. "Pie?" I thought, "When did we have pie?"

I pulled out the pan, and it was not a pie at all. It was an enchilada. "Enchilada?" I thought, "We haven't had Mexican in over a week." I called my loving wife, and asked her if she had left an enchilada in my car recently. She hadn't. It was, in fact, her leftovers from Macaroni Grill over a month ago. It was quite moldy. I think the only reason it was now found sooner due to foul smell was the fact that it has indeed been cold, and it was fairly well sealed. I chose to not discover what it actually smelled like and just dropped it in the trash can at work.

Loving wife, indeed...

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