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So the kitchen is pretty much done now. The contractors are all done anyway. Ninsi and I still have soem work to do. We have to repaint. The walls are just filty, and a new paint job will really help. Probably will try to start that next weekend. After we get it painted, we'll put up some before and after pictures. Those of you in the area can just come by. You know where it is.

It's Friday, and too early to go home by about three hours. I wish I could though. It's overcast outside and feels real good. I could get quite a bit of work done in the backyard today if I was home. Instead, it will probably be dark by the time I get there. I think I will go ahead and try to buy that tree tonight though and just save myself a trip tomorrow. I'll be in the area anyway. The real fun thing tomorrow is settling up the bill for the kitchen...

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