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Im really loving the new grill. Seriously, what's not to love? It cooks food great, and cuts down on the number of dishes since Im not using a pot or pan for whatever Im grilling.

I haven't mastered all aspects of it yet, though. Saturday, I made grilled plank salmon. Which involves cooking the fish on a board on the grill. It was going swimmingly for at least ten minutes. Then I went upstairs for about five minutes, and when I came back down, I could see flames through the side of the grill.

Sure enough, the plank had caught fire on the edges and was burning quite nicely. My first thought was to pour the marinade on it to douse the flame and further flavor the fish, but I decided against that since it was mostly oil and brown sugar. Ninsi was watching and grabbed a cup of water, but I didnt want to throw water on the grill, so I used the tongs to hold the flaming plank, and put the fish on the upper grill and took the plank to the side of the house and ran water on it. I had already soaked it for a few hours prior to using it, so I hadn't really expected it to catch fire.

My salmon was fine. It was pretty much done anyway. It was just a little more blackened than I had wanted. I am pretty sure I know where I messed up and will correct it this weekend maybe. Now if I can just train Ninsi to turn the gas off when she finishes using the grill, I'll be set.

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