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I chew Trident Cinnamon gum, generally. The past few months, however, it has been fairly scarce on the shelves. To the point where I was having to buy other flavors because it has been several weeks since I saw a package of basic Cinnamon. So, I did what I had to do, and wrote a letter to the makers of Trident: Cadbury Scheppes.

I got this back today:
"We apologize for the difficulty you are having locating Trident.

We have had problems keeping up with the unprecedented levels of demand and to solve this issue, we added production capacity. In order to increase production of our more popular flavors we have also temporarily suspended production of Crystal Frost and Cinnamon in the EZ Close-Pack. We encourage you to shop for Crystal Frost and Cinnamon flavors in the multi-pack bags. In the coming months, you should see higher levels of supply every month since we have now expanded capacity."

So there's what? A motherfucking run on Trident these days? wtf?

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Its because I keep buying the strawberry lime, so they have to keep making more of that for me, so you don't get no stinkin' cinnamon!

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