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Cry wolf

Something that bothered be on Saturday night when I was playing poker at Winstar:
When you play poker in a casino, the dealers rotate about every 30 minutes. That makes it more difficult for a dealer and his buddy to be in cahoots at a table. Anyway, one of the dealers I had was fairly chatty. It happens. No big deal. But he randomly said that he liked the song "Little Red Riding Hood," but didnt know who sang it. I said it was 'Sam the Sham,' and the dealer looked at me and said that wasn't it. He was 'talking about the old song,' and he sang a couple lines. I told him again that it was Sam the Sham singing. The dealer didnt believe me.

It annoyed me that he would ask who sang the song, and then not believe the answer he was given. Clearly, no one else at the table knew who sang it.

I did win a good sized pot off one hand he dealt me, so I forgave him.

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