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The title is untrue. But I went Tuesday and Wednesday without drinking any soda. Not on purpose or by design, but it just happened that I was drinking water. It would have been a caffeine free couple of days, except that I drink tea when I am home. I dont really like water, but drink 2-3 pints a day at work. At home, I usually drink 1-2 quarts of tea in the evening. Today I got a soda. I felt the need for sugar, more than anything. It's just good sometimes.

By this time tomorrow, I should be able to see mostly clearly without the aid of glasses or contacts. It is that thought that is consuming most of my head right now. I'll report on it in a few days. It will probably be a few hours before I can comfortably stare at a computer screen. The doctor's instructions are to keep the eyes closed if possible for a couple hours. But not really take a nap, since you have to put in eyedrops every hour. So, that should be fun.

The Squid is going back to OK today. I think she's had a good week. Im sure she likes her new camera, it's better than mine and Ninsi's. Going to have to get us a new one soon. Need a nice one before we go to Alaska anyway.

Im slowly being consumed by the desire for a new car...

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