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Eyes have it

I left work at noon yesterday. Went up to the laser clinic where my eyes were doped and poked. Everything went pretty much according to plan. And I now have an appointment for 9 am on Friday to have my eyes laze-errd.

Nothing much more to it. They took pictures and topology. I asked them to send me copies of all the pictures. Hopefully they'll do that. It wasnt a request they get much. If ever. The main doctor seemed to think that the intern could do it, but he did not have any idea of how himself. I think I could figure it out in about five minutes. We'll see.

Yesterday evening, we (the weefay, the squid, and squid-friend) went to the Body Worlds exhibit. The overall exhibit was smaller than I was expecting. It was interesting, as cadavers tend to be. Though, I had to wonder if the poses they were in were indicative of their real life activities. Some of them were, Im sure. But the twirling dancers, I have my doubts.

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