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Eyes on the prize

I'll get around to a redesign eventually. For now, it works.

Tuesday I had an eye appointment. It went for about 90 minutes. I am going to have Lasik performed on my eyes sometime this year, and have to do a couple preliminary checks. I had an exam in early January for new glasses, so I went in Tuesday just for some more screening.

They did the normal glaucoma puff test. Then a cell count. And another non-puff glaucoma test, because they had the machine, not because they felt I needed it. And they also got a topology map of my eyeballs. It was all normal.

Then the optometrist measured the thickness of my corneas. They do that with an instrument called a Pachymeter. That link is not the same as the one used on me, but close enough. It had the same tip on the end, and that's the bit that taps you in the eyeball...

She put a drop in each eye, which numbed my eyeballs, then tapped each one with the pachymeter. I could see the ripple caused by the tapping. It measures the thickness of the cornea with ultrasonic waves. My corneas are 529 and 530 mm thick. That is actually fairly thin, and makes me a borderline candidate using the microkeratone. However, using the intralase techinique, I am still quite eligible. So, that is the plan.

After the tapping, my eyes were dialated, and another routine exam done. My prescription is pretty stable. I couldn't focus on anything within about three feet for a few hours though because my pupils just couldnt contract enough to focus that close. And the fluorescent lights in the store later were seemingly supa-bright.

Now Im waiting to get an appointment with the clinic that would be doing the procedure so that I can go through their screening process. Hopefully that will be done next week.

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