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I can see clearly now...

It is three days now since my lasik. It's all pretty much as advertised. I was able to drive Friday afternoon. I wasn't technically supposed to though, but I need to get my tires rotated. So I did. And it was fine. Friday night, after dinner I noticed the halos around the lights, and those are annoying. But they should die down, and it isnt too bad. Saturday morning I had my post-op at 8:30 and was already at 20/20. That may improve slightly over the next few weeks as my eyes heal. Now, they are just sore, and tired. And somewhat bloodshot.

Ninsi and I were in Southlake early Saturday morning for my checkup. And since we had time to kill, we ate a small breakfast at Corner Bakery. Right after we arrived, the place was innundated with women. They all had name tags. And it took a minute, but we soon realized they were all part of a church group, and it was a 'shopping day.' There were probably 40-50 of these women, all waiting for the shops to open. We hightailed it to the Barnes & Nobles to get away from them all, and to wait for the shops to open as well. Mostly, we window shopped. Though i did get a nice spatula for the grill. Then a quick stop at the Central Market out there where they were giving away all kinds of free samples, and we came home.

By saturday evening, I was feeling restless. And Ninsi needed to work on her paper, so I drove up to Winstar for some poker. I won a couple hundred before finally coming back home. It was pretty late when I got home, but because I have to wear shields or sunglasses over my eyes at night for a week, Im not actually sleeping well. So I was up fairly early on Sunday. I decided to be the good husband, and gave Ninsi almost half of my winnings so she could buy a new dress. The next few hours were interminable, but she did eventually find a nice new dress. Im calling it an anniversary gift, since that is less than a week away now.

I keep forgetting to make reservations for our anniversary dinner. I need to get on the ball with that one pretty quick.

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