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March showers

I looked at my front yard this morning as I was on my way to the car to go to work. My grass is already high enough that it needs to be mowed again. At least in the front. It is a good thing that I actually mowed last weekend while I had the chance. Otherwise it would be overgrown this week.

I guess that we've had just enough rain this week to really make things grow.
My tomato plants are all trying to twist themselves right side up. They'll eventually bear some fruit which will force them to hang down. My oak tree is blooming nicely. And the rose bushes are going crazy with growth. No roses yet, but every bush has a lot of new growth on it. It may be for the better that I did not give them any rose food this year. I had to cut almost four feet of height off one last year. It looks like I may have to do that again this year.

I also need to plant some more herbs or spices on top of the tomatoes. All we have right now is basil. Need a couple more good options.

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