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Tears roll down

Im home now. Post Lasik surgery. Right now, I can see better, but I cant actually keep my eyes open very long. I also cant keep them closed. They are so sensitive to the light, that I have to close them. But when I close them, they sting like Ive been up way too long and need to sleep. Sleep, btw, is right out.

Anyway, this will pass. Hopefully in the next couple hours. It is mostly annoying because my eyes are watering constantly. Im also crying all over the place. And it feels like I have something in my left eye, like an eyelash. Which may be the case, but I cant rub it to actually do anything about it. So that is an added irriitation at the moment.

Hopefully this post makes sense because I am typing it with my eyes closed at the moment because the screen is too bright too look at with my eyes open. Even wearing the sunglasses.

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Whatever wuss... Rub some dirt on it in get back out there.

On a side note Grats on the surgery.

I drank a beer. It seems to have helped quite a bit. It could just be timing, but Im going to attribute it to the beer anyway.

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