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truck love

I know Ninsi has mentioned this phenomenon to me. She may have even blogged about it. But I saw it again this morning, and it really, really baffles me.

Im on my way in to work this morning, and in front of me there is a white Chevrolet truck. On the tailgate, they have had some airbrushed painting done. It is a difficult scene to describe. Possible a jungle? Maybe an aquifer? In the Mayan jungle? Whatever, there was a building that may have been a temple, but it had water pouring out of it, creating a waterfall into a lake or pond or watever. Across the lake from this waterfall building was a car and a truck. Not just any truck, but an exact redention of the truck I was following. I can only presume the car was an exact rendition of the guy's car. And, over the whole scene, bigger than the truck, and the building, was Jesus! Doing the 'big-arms' thing.

It was almost like it was showing these two cars that had taken a pilgrimage to a holy lake, where they found Jesus. In the Mayan jungle. Presumably, since the truck had a picture of itself, the truck in the picture also had the same picture, ad infinitum...

What it really made me think of was that Beavis and Butthead episode, where they get all fired up about getting a tattoo "of a butt, on your butt." Because that's almost exactly what this was. I also wonder what the guy does if he sells the other car and buys something new? Does he have to get the whole tailgate redone? Or is it truly a mystical drawing that will magically reform to the new vehicle?

If anyone can explain the thought behind having a picture of Jesus doing big-arms over your car, I am all ears.

Oh yeah, he also had one those knock offs of Calvin (calvin and hobbes) pissing on the Ford logo.

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if he didn't have a ballsac hanging off his trailer hitch he's just a novice.

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