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The problem with being a homeowner, and not a rich homeowner, is all the corollary work it involves. Saturday, I was awake by about 8 am. Not because I wanted to be, but I was. I stayed there for another hour trying to get more sleep but it wasnt to be. So I got up, and made an omelette, and then started work. Mowed the front yard, then made a trip to the dump and then mowed the back yard and made another trip to the dump and edged and laid down mulch and watered and cleaned up the backyard real nice. By the time I was done I had put in almost six hours of just various yardwork. The backyard looks tons better now, though.

Sunday I finally finished putting the drawers and doors on the last of the cabinets. And planted some tomatoes. And sprayed some herbicide to kill crabgrass.

Next on the list is completely cleaning out the garage.

When do I get to just rest and sit on the deck with a martini?

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