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A day at the races

So Im sure you are all just dying to know how the races went last night...
It was fine. Ninsi came up and joined me in time for the fifth race. And it is a lot better when you have company. She promptly proceeded to lose every race she bet on, but that's okay. If she had hit any of them, it would have been a good payout. Especailly the one that was about 50:1. Personally, I only cashed on one race. But it was about $10 more than I wagered on the evening, so all-in-all, after parking and entry, I think I netted about $4.

I call that a win!

There was one bet I wish I had made, though I had no reason to do so. One of the superfectas paid over 20k on a $2 bet. That would have been sweet. Usually they pay a couple thousand. Not in the tens of thousands. There was one other race that I might have cashed on, except that one of the two horses I picked suddenly pulled up lame coming down the stretch. Im not sure what happened, but it looked like he snapped his leg. He was out in front by a good margin. The horse I had picked to come in second actually won that race, and the one I had picked to come in second is the one that broke its leg. I feel bad for the horse. And for me, because that might have been a nice win.

Oh, there's a new synthetic turf some tracks are now using that will cut down on horse injuries. But of course, it will have a hard time getting wide acceptance. Old guard not wanting to adopt and all... Here's a Slate story about it - Polysoft.

They also gave me a few free passes to the races next Thursday. And I think I have a pass for free parking next Thursday as well. I'm not sure if I'll be able to pass that all up...

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Ninsi posting via phlome:
And I have both Thursday and Friday off next week (to study for my finals) - so I'm game.

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