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Tomorrow is my 35th birthday. So. Old.

No, I have nothing planned. Might go out to a club tonight since I don't have to work tomorrow. Might go out to a gentleman's club on Saturday. But really, that is way up in the air. Tomorrow, no plans. I think, actually, that I will mow the yard, since I will be home.

I have the best birthdays.

About the truck I mentioned a few days ago in the truck love post - I have seen that truck every single morning this week. I have been leaving the house about 5-10 minutes later than I should, and apparently that puts me on his exact schedule as well.

Randomly: I have an American Express card. So I get occassional 'offers' from them. I looked at the one for today since it said I could save up to $5000. I think it is a timeshare type thing. This is what they are selling. 5k doesnt make a big difference...

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Damn we are getting old, I guess that's a good thing...

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