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Mowed the lawn yesterday. I had barely started on the back when I managed to hit a stump that Ive mowed over a dozen times before. Only this time, something was different, because I didnt just go over it. Maybe I just hit it at the wrong angle. Whatever it was, I hit it good, and totally fucked up the mower blade. I was going to take it to a repair show, but the turnaround time for that was about a week. So I went to Sears and bought a new blade. It seems to be working fine. I was afraid I had stripped the flywheel and really messed up the motor.

Before lunch this morning, I went to the bathroom. (exciting!) Above the urinals, they have flourescent lighting, and while I was standing there, I heard a noise that sounded a whole lot like dripping water. It sounded like it was coming straight from the lights. Ten seconds later, water started to drip through the light fixtures in the ceiling and onto the floor. Im guessing there was some significant flooding in a third floor bathroom this morning. Oddly enough, that isnt the first time Ive seen water coming out through the light fixture. Last time was at a Braum's.

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