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Horse Feathers

The races start tonight, and I think Im gonna go. I figure I'll spend about $26 on betting. But the way I bet, I will either lose it all, or break even with one race. I can't justify spending $2 on a Show bet that might net me $.030 when I can take the same $2, risk losing it, but possibly net $20. And of course, that is how odds are made. How much are you *really* willing to lose to get the bigger payout? If you bet the favorite to show in every race, you'll most likely win a couple dollars over the course of the day. Or, you can bet the longshot every race and generally lose your money. But every now and then, you'll get lucky like my brother did, and hit the 70-1 odds on a $10 bet.

Anyway, Im going to the races, and I'll probably have a mint julep, and I'll probably lose $20-$30 on horse betting. But it'll be a good time.

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