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Name of the Rose

Yesterday, when I got home, the first thing I noticed was that one of my roses had reached full bloom. This was technically the second bloom of the year, as I picked one on Saturday for Ninsi. That one had not yet fully opened though. The one yesterday was large. Bigger than my fist. I was going to go inside, get the camera, and take a picture to post for viewing pleasure, but in between the time I went inside and could find the camera, it started to rain.

Then it started to rain harder. Eventually, the tornado sirens went off. They only sounded for about 5 minutes, but I took that time to watch the news, and learned that the severe weather was just barely missing us. It was still raining hard, but we didnt get the hail, or wind, or the funnel cloud.

The rose was still there this morning, but its glory is diminished. And since we will not be having sun for a few days, I dont think it will reclaim it's former stature. Next week though, when the sun comes back out, we should have a few dozen nice ones though.

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