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Let's see...
Anniversary ... check
House painted ... check
My birthday ... check
Squid birthday ... check
New kitchen ... check

yeah, I think that most everything is done. Ninsi still has three weeks left of school, but outside of that, things are swinging back to normal. I have time now to get back into my routines of racquetball and running, and hopefully some golf. Ive been cleaning the office the last couple days. That is mostly because I finally have time to do so. Even found a couple things that I had given up for lost.

Nothing much going on this weekend as Ninsi still has a paper to write. I may think about going to the horse races since they will be open. But it is nice not having so much going on all a sudden.

The Summer will be busier, as usual. And with Ninsi not having school for the first time in two years, we should be able to enjoy it. Yar, Im looking forward to a good Summer.

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Started school November 2004
Finish school April 2007

Total school = 2.5 yrs. Bastards said I could complete an MBA in 1.5 yrs. I think that's assuming you can take 2 - 3 classes at a time. In order to do that you have to to work, and not have a life.

I wonder if we'll ever have to pay for the house painting.

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