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I started making ice cream last night. I did not expect it to take hours upon hours.

Generally, you put some milk, and some cream, and some sugar and maybe an egg into a bowl and turn on the ice cream machine for a half hour and it makes ice cream. Last night, about nine o'clock, I throught Id try some fancy ice cream. I'd already bought a vanilla bean (for six and a half frelling dollars) so I had everything I needed. I had not read through the recipe fully. Otherwise, I would have started earlier. It involved boiling and simmering. Which took about an hour. Then mixing and heating. Which took another half hour. Then chilling completely. Which is about an hour. And only then! do you actually get to put the custard like mix into the machine to stir it up into ice cream. I put it in the fridge to chill and went to bed. Ninsi was off work today, so she got to stay home and acutally put it in the mixer. It better be damn good. But expectations are low.

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