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When Ninsi and I went to OK for Christmas, I drove my older brother's truck down so that I could use it to haul off a bunch of crap from the backyard to the dump. Mainly the old fence that had been taken down. He also told me to try to sell it while I had it.

I had pretty much not done anything about trying to sell it, but finally decided I might ought to at least write 'for sale' on it, since I told him Id try. So, Ninsi wrote on it with shoe polish on Saturday, and last night while im sitting in the living room I get a call from a guy that is outside my house wanting to know about the truck.

Fifteen minutes later, the truck no longer belonged to my brother. When I called him to make sure it was alright, he acted like he didnt want to sell it. I think it was just because he was attached to it for having had it ten years.

I could have used it to make one more trip to the dump, but I'll manage without. And the guy paid cash, which is always hard to turn down.

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