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May 1, 2007


Zero mentioned it on his post yesterday. Saturday did not go quite as planned. Friday went as it was supposed to go, and most of Saturday. The Old Mill Inn is really quite a unique place to dine. I do not recommend the Filet Mignon. Actually, Im not sure I can recommend the restaurant at all, unless you want chicken, or chicken fried steak.

The wait staff was very attentive. Possibly because we were one of three occupied tables in the restaurant. Possibly because none of the wait staff was less than fifty years old, and all had maybe been working there since before desegregation. Yes, there was a bug in martini. Fell in, and drank himself to death, I reckon. I didnt notice it until I was a little more than halfway done. When I pointed it out to our server, she took it away and returned me a fresh one. Though, I think I got the Tvarsky vodka on the second go-round.

Had a much better martini at the Meridian (maybe due to their having a selection of vodka that number more than three. Serioulsy, Old Mill Inn had three vodkas.) And it was leaving the Meridian on our way to the show that Zero made the realization that we had missed our show. By a full day. There was nothing to be done. It was too late to get new tickets, so we left. I felt bad for Zero. Im sure he felt terrible.

We still have a real good evening, though. Since we were all dressed up and had no place to go, we wound up at Avanti and just sat and drank for a couple hours. It was a good time. Ninsi and I are trying to make new plans to see the show. Still have details to work out on that though.

Anyway, it was a good weekend, if a little unexpected.

May 3, 2007

Blown away

We are powerless.
Storms blew through Grand Prairie yesterday. We were actually on our way to the gym when the wind suddenly started gusting heavily, and the rain came down exceedingly hard. It was too much to drive in, so I pulled into the Kroger parking lot and we ran inside. It was tornado conditions. With the wind almost hard enough to blow a person down. There were about two dozen other people that had gathered in the Kroger to wait it out. We spent about fifteen minutes there while the worst of it blew over before just heading back home. Along the way we saw quite a few signs, including the sign for the strip mall the Kroger was in, that had been blown completely over. There were shopping carts blown all the way down the block. A few trees had been completely blown over, and limps were all over the road.

We were already without power when we left the house, and a lot more places lost power while we were out. I tried calling TXU, but they weren't actually answering the phone. I tried throughout the evening. We still had no power this morning, and when I finally was able to reach them, they said it would be one o'clock before we had power. But that was no guarantee. Hopefully we will actually have power by the time Ninsi and I get home tonight. I need hot water to wash the dogs who apparently ran off when part of the fence blew down and rolled in something dead. They stink. A lot.

If I dont have power this evening, it will be a very boring night at home since Ninsi is flying to Tulsa tonight. With no power, it will be me and the dogs in a dark house by 830. Joy.

May 7, 2007


My cube is a popular place for the other guys on my team to hang uot nowadays. In the cube across from me, different workers alternate on a support rotation. They are on it for six months, before going back to the planes. Usually it is pregnat women that can't fly. For the past six months, there was a woman in there most days and she was just big to start. And kept getting bigger. Moreso than could be blamed on pregnancy. She would sit in the cube and speak in French to her hairdresser (though she was Italian). And she would get warm sitting in the cube, and take off her outer layer of clothes. She wasn't being indecent, but she still managed to show a whole lot more flesh than I cared to see. Her six months was almost up, and I think she gave birth a week or so ago.

Her replacement is way easier on the eyes. Way.
Other guys stop by my cube to 'talk' to me, but never actually look at me. I can't really blame them, as the new girl is pretty smokin'. I figure it is karma giving back to me for having to sit across from the first woman for so long. This one may not last six months, but I will enjoy the view while I can. ;)

May 10, 2007

Bald Sex

Ive been busy. Too busy at work this week to even bother with the blog. But it has been a few days, and that's too long.

Did manage to get out to meet Zero for lunch today. When a co-worker and I were walking into Chili's we saw that someone had rearranged letters on the sign for the movie theater. They had taken several letters from 'Blades of Glory' and a couple other movies to put up the new attraction, "Bald Sex."

I have no desire to see such a movie. There's just nothing about it that can be good, and oh so much that can be bad.

May 11, 2007

Cast and Convert

Long, frustrating day at work. Problems with a prima-donna. But it is Friday, and soon enough, time to go home. I think it's a margarita day.

If you ever are in the market for a new fan, you can't go wrong with the Hawaiian Breeze model. No matter what size. They are right powerful air-moving machines.

My karma prize, the hot girl in the next cube, isnt going to be here a full six months. Tis sad, indeed. She's ready to start flying again, and may not stay through June even.

May 16, 2007

Big arm

It is disconcerting if you ever go to the doctor and say "Hey, this thing is wrong with me," and the doctor says things like "Interesting," and at one point "Heh, that's cool," and finally, "Well, I dont really know what's wrong." That was my yesterday afternoon.

What's wrong, you ask?
My right arm is too big. It is swollen. It is noticably bigger than the left from the shoulder down. And it is slightly off-color. It has been this way since about Saturday. There's no pain, and Ive not had any trauma to the arm. So, yesterday, I went to see the doctor and he did his poking and prodding and listening and simple tests and question asking, and ultimately said he didnt know what was going on. He also thought it was cool that the ganglian cyst in my wrist occassionally causes my wrist to pop as it rolls over the bones.

Today, Im getting a sonagram done on my arm. There is a extremely low chance that I have a clot somewhere in my shoulder. The sonagram should show it. If not, then Im back to square one. A swollen arm, and no clue as to why.

Oh, he also recommended I take some aspirin, "just in case."


So, Im in the hospital now. Fortunately, it has a wireless connection for the laptop that Ninsi brought me this afternoon. I've been here since about noon.

I got checked in and went to get the ultrasound done. It took the tech about 5 minutes to find a clot in my shoulder. The bloodflow to my arm is fairly restricted. The tech called the radiologist, who called my doctor, who told them to go ahead and admit me to the ER. That all went fairly quickly. Once I hit the ER, everything slowed crawl.

By 1 pm, we knew pretty much what was wrong, but we didnt know the treatment, or the time, or if I was going to be admitted overnight, or for how many days, nothing. The thing that seemed to be the most baffling was that I was I was in no pain. They kept asking why I was in if there was no pain. The difference in the size of my arms was pretty obvious though.

So, Ninsi showed up a little after 1 with an overnight bag and the laptop. She sat with me while I paced around the little ER room I was in for the next four hours. Every now and again a nurse would come in and check on me, but all they really did was succeed in agitating me more because they really couldn't tell me anything. I think I probably annoyed them as well with my questions. The talked about the doctor that was handling my case, and said the attending doctor and a surgeon would come talk to me. I wasn't sure about the surgeon because the option of getting cut hadnt really been mentioned yet. A physician's assistant came by twice to talk to me, He was largely useless.

He was very unsure of himself, so did not instill within me a great deal of confidence, which only made me more nervous. At one point the nurse said the doctor was consulting with another doctor which made me thing it was even more serious. And I was also waiting on the admitting doctor to figure out what they were going to do with me. They eventually decided I was going to be admitted, and they found me a room.

But I had YET TO SEE AN ACTUAL DOCTOR. Up to this point I had been seen by half a dozen nurses, one physicians assistant, and an impossible to understand X-Ray tech. He came in, said who he was and what he did, and indicated I was to follow. I had no idea what he had said until I realized I was going into the x-ray room. His accent was just too thick.

The first nurse to take my blood missed the vein. She had the needle in my arm, and was moving it around trying to get into the vein, which kept rolling. That is the first time in my life that anyone has ever missed a vein. Those of you who know me, know that my veins are fairly prominent on my arms. All told today, I was stuck 3 times in my left arm. One nurse was going to stick me in the right arm until I told her that that was the one with a problem and we'd best stay away from it.

Finally, at about 4:45, the actuall admitting doctor came by. Soft spoken, but he seemed to know what he was talking about. He at least made me feel a whole lot better about the whole thing. Was able to answer my questions and even drew me a couple diagrams to illustrate.

To sum up: I have a clot, I need drug therapy to get rid of it. They have a pill that I will take for about six months to basically thin my blood. This will prevent the clog from growing and my body will basically reabsorb it. However, the pill takes about a week to reach a good level of blood thinningness (tm) so I have to take a quick acting shot twice a day in the meattime. This will be a self-administered shot that I have to take in the stomach. Because that is where I have enough fat to accept it. I suppose my buttocks would work as well, but Im not about to stick a hypodermic in my own ass.

About 6 o'clock, they finally got me up to a room so they can observe me overnight. The nurse then went through a crapload of questions. She seemed to not believe that I am not on any medications at all. Not even 'herbal' medicines or vitamins. She also asked if I had all my teeth, whcih was slightly less off than the one that appeared to be asking if I was allergic to dentures. Though it was really just her timing and inflections.

Anyway, Im otherwise not restricted. No dietary restrictions, nothing. I have no family, or personal, history of anything like this. So more than likely, it was caused by trauma. Unfortunately I can not think of anything that I have done to my arm that would have caused it. Maybe playing with the dog a little to rough. They actually said that it was more common for baseball players to get a clot like this. In the shoulder anyway. Because of the repetitive throwing motion. That's not my case either. So the actual cause is a mystery. We'll closely monitor for the next several months after the treatment to see if anymore develop. If that is the case, it may become a lifelong pill-a-day thing. I dread that thought.

With luck, I'll be home tomorrow. Maybe Friday. Should still be good for poker Saturday.

May 18, 2007


I was discharged from the hospital about 11 am yesterday. That gave me time to eat, go home, shower and change, and then make it to work by about 1. At no point have I felt bad, at all, so although sitting at home for the afternoon was an option, there was really no sense in it, since all it would really do is waste some of my precious PTO. In my opinion, paid time off is too valuable to be used when you arent enjoying it. So I came on in to work.

Giving myself the shot is no big deal. Pinch, poke, plunge. Done. Dispose of properly. About eight more times and that'll be that.

One thing I did notice in the hospital is that nurses are a lot more strict and pessimistic than the doctors. The doctor told me I'd probably be home by early afternoon Thursday (which I was) but the nurses talked to me like I would be there a few days. When I told the first one (Azmina, who didnt believe that I take no medications, aspirins, or even herbal supplements) that I was leaving Thursday, she said that DVT patients always stay several nights. She was a little judgemental. And when I asked the morning nurse to let me do the shot myself, she told me that they would show me how that evening, so I could do it the next day. I was long gone before that.

I suspect the nurses would also tell me to not drink at all. Good thing I didnt ask them.

I go in Monday to my doctor for some quick bloodwork. To see how well my clotting agents are being suppressed. I'll just get the occassional blood test so as to make sure the dosage of my prescription doesnt need to change.

Hopefully, by Monday, my arm will be more normal sized. It's still a bit swollen. Though, it may remain a little larger as long as the clot persists, which will be for a couple months anyway.

May 21, 2007

I might need some of that...

Went to the doctor today for a quick checkup. It was really so they could draw some blood to get tested to see how well the Coumadin was taking effect. I gave them the $20 co-pay, and they proceeded to draw out SEVEN vials of blood. I think I deserved a cooked after that, but I got butkiss. My doctor decided to go ahead and run a bunch of tests that I didnt expect them to run until after I was off the Coumadin. They'll call me tomorrow with the results, so I'll know what my INR level is. Then probably get more blood taken next week. You'd think they wouldnt want to take so much blood from someone that may need as much as possible in the case of a cut. And probably another ultrasound in 4-6 weeks to see the status of the clot itself.

Otherwise, everything is gravy.

May 22, 2007

Thicker'n water

My blood is still fairly thick. Five days into the Coumadin and my INR is still only 1.3. The doctors want it closer to 2. So my dosage is being increased for a week, and I'll get more blood drawn out next Tuesday or so. There may be something in my diet that interferes with the Coumadin. Or it could just be too low a dosage for me currently. It's a trial and error dosage drug, so this isnt really unexpected.

They did say I no longer need to shoot up with the Lovenox, though. Which is good, since Im now out of that drug, and didnt exactly relish the idea of buying more. Apart from the having to give myself a shot, it's a fairly expensive drug that insurance companies dont like to pay for when it is being administered at home. At about $70-80 per shot, I did not want to have to fight to make them pay for it.

May 23, 2007

Up equals down?

While Ninsi and I were eating dinner last night, the phone rang. I answered. It was AT&T, and the woman said that our bill rate was about to increase. She also started to say some other stuff, but I was eating, so I hung up on her. Today, I called AT&T to find out if she was full of manure or not. She wasn't. At least, not really.

As near as I can figure from the conversation I had today with AT&T, they have changed their rate plans. And our rate for DSL was going to increase from $24 to $41 dollars. That's a pretty big jump. They had another category - Elite (we had the 'pro' service) that was only $34 dollars though, and offered faster download speed than the Pro. So she switched me to that one. Which means our bill is still going up. But when I asked her what the new bill would be, she quote me a price that is $5 less than what we have been paying the past few months. I dont know what the hell she did. Maybe put us the plan that a new user gets, since I did let her know that now would be an opportune time for me to start looking at new DSL and TV providers. Whatever. Our bill should be less. I think Id still rather have fiber though.

Speaking of last night's dinner: I made beans. Ninsi, added her own personal touch to the beans by dropping in a half jar of hot peppers. Not Jalepeno's, but rather a jar of peppers that we usually just use the juice out of for some spice. Half a jar. The beans tasted real good, but they were rough on the belly after only a couple minutes. That's the kind of thing that can cause a wife to sleep in the other room sometime...

May 25, 2007


I have not been to Houston since I was Eighteen years old. I'll leave that math as an excercise to the reader. Tonight, after work, Ninsi and I are driving to Houston for a day and a half. We'll be heading back on Sunday. I think the plan is to get there tonight, check into a motel, and then spend tomorrow at the beach with her dad and aunt. There's a beach house or beach trailer or somesuch.

When I was in Houston before, I was far less than impressed. I did not exactly vow to never return, but I have made a point to not do anything that would bring me to near it. Hopefully they will have made some improvements since I was last there.

That pretty much takes care of our weekend. We'll come back and should make it to Zero's on Sunday for a cookout. My blood should be significantly thinner now, but I wont know til Wednesday. And I've decided Im annoyed by the lack of physical symmetry in the veins in my arms.

May 29, 2007


New phones are in, may change my number.

Weekend was good. Got wet.

Doc only took one vial of blood today.

Muddy track does not make for easy betting.

Lawn is getting out of hand.

May 30, 2007


I bought a new beard trimmer back in January. Some of you may recall that was about the time I started growing a new beard. Anyway, when I came home Monday evening, the first thing I saw upon opening the door was a piece of the new trimmer. Barley had gotten ahold of it, and chewed up the two plastic parts from the top. Those being the guard, and the receptacle for the hair. The rest of the trimmer was fine. So, I went online trying to find out where I could get replacement parts. Couldn't find them anywhere. I finally called Phillips Norelco and told the woman on the other end that my dog had eaten the trimmer. Lisa was her name. She asked when I bought it, and then said I could send in the whole thing, including the chewed bits, and they would completely replace it with a new one. A brand new one because my dog ate the old one! Im pretty sure that being eaten by the dog doesn't fall under 'normal wear and tear' but if they send me a new one because it is still under warranty, I'll not complain. I'll sing their praises, instead. I'll know for sure in 10-14 days after they've had a chance to get mine, and send a new one.

INR 1.1

The drugs for the clot don't seem to be working. My clotting factor is going the opposite direction. A week ago it was 1.3. It is supposed to be up near a 2.0. The doctor isnt going to believe me that I am not changing my diet. My dosage has been increased again.

I may have to engage in a personal therapy of a drink or two per day. That should help the thinning.

May 31, 2007

She's back

An ameteur scientist has caught the Loch Ness Monster on video. I watched a clip from a Scottish news program that showed a snippet of the tape. There's not much to see. It's something moving in the water pretty far out. It'll take some detailed analysis for them to figure out if it is anything or not. But, in the meantime, it's fresh publicity for the Loch.

ESPN is covering the National Spelling Bee this year. They have a sideline reporter, and commentary by Mike&Mike. And they talk about it on all the sports shows. It's pretty funny. They aren't taking is seriously, but the fact that they are covering it, and the occassional 'drama', such as the early exit of one of the favorites and his subsequent appeal (which was denied) is entertaining. It is a really slow time for sports right now. The current playoffs completely suck. And well, there's nothing engrossing in baseball for a couple more months. So if you are a network that relays on competition, you take what you can get. And right now, that would be the Spelling Bee.

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