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Big arm

It is disconcerting if you ever go to the doctor and say "Hey, this thing is wrong with me," and the doctor says things like "Interesting," and at one point "Heh, that's cool," and finally, "Well, I dont really know what's wrong." That was my yesterday afternoon.

What's wrong, you ask?
My right arm is too big. It is swollen. It is noticably bigger than the left from the shoulder down. And it is slightly off-color. It has been this way since about Saturday. There's no pain, and Ive not had any trauma to the arm. So, yesterday, I went to see the doctor and he did his poking and prodding and listening and simple tests and question asking, and ultimately said he didnt know what was going on. He also thought it was cool that the ganglian cyst in my wrist occassionally causes my wrist to pop as it rolls over the bones.

Today, Im getting a sonagram done on my arm. There is a extremely low chance that I have a clot somewhere in my shoulder. The sonagram should show it. If not, then Im back to square one. A swollen arm, and no clue as to why.

Oh, he also recommended I take some aspirin, "just in case."

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