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Blown away

We are powerless.
Storms blew through Grand Prairie yesterday. We were actually on our way to the gym when the wind suddenly started gusting heavily, and the rain came down exceedingly hard. It was too much to drive in, so I pulled into the Kroger parking lot and we ran inside. It was tornado conditions. With the wind almost hard enough to blow a person down. There were about two dozen other people that had gathered in the Kroger to wait it out. We spent about fifteen minutes there while the worst of it blew over before just heading back home. Along the way we saw quite a few signs, including the sign for the strip mall the Kroger was in, that had been blown completely over. There were shopping carts blown all the way down the block. A few trees had been completely blown over, and limps were all over the road.

We were already without power when we left the house, and a lot more places lost power while we were out. I tried calling TXU, but they weren't actually answering the phone. I tried throughout the evening. We still had no power this morning, and when I finally was able to reach them, they said it would be one o'clock before we had power. But that was no guarantee. Hopefully we will actually have power by the time Ninsi and I get home tonight. I need hot water to wash the dogs who apparently ran off when part of the fence blew down and rolled in something dead. They stink. A lot.

If I dont have power this evening, it will be a very boring night at home since Ninsi is flying to Tulsa tonight. With no power, it will be me and the dogs in a dark house by 830. Joy.

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So who has to pick up all the limps? hehe

Yeah, but don't call them limps... Call them handy-capable. ;-)

I suppose they could use the shopping carts that were strewn about to be more-capable.

ok, so grady beat me to the limps comment. And we did finally get power back, and I still say it was manure that luna rolled in. There may have been something dead in the manure, but she had a very distinct manure smell about her.

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