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I have not been to Houston since I was Eighteen years old. I'll leave that math as an excercise to the reader. Tonight, after work, Ninsi and I are driving to Houston for a day and a half. We'll be heading back on Sunday. I think the plan is to get there tonight, check into a motel, and then spend tomorrow at the beach with her dad and aunt. There's a beach house or beach trailer or somesuch.

When I was in Houston before, I was far less than impressed. I did not exactly vow to never return, but I have made a point to not do anything that would bring me to near it. Hopefully they will have made some improvements since I was last there.

That pretty much takes care of our weekend. We'll come back and should make it to Zero's on Sunday for a cookout. My blood should be significantly thinner now, but I wont know til Wednesday. And I've decided Im annoyed by the lack of physical symmetry in the veins in my arms.

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