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I might need some of that...

Went to the doctor today for a quick checkup. It was really so they could draw some blood to get tested to see how well the Coumadin was taking effect. I gave them the $20 co-pay, and they proceeded to draw out SEVEN vials of blood. I think I deserved a cooked after that, but I got butkiss. My doctor decided to go ahead and run a bunch of tests that I didnt expect them to run until after I was off the Coumadin. They'll call me tomorrow with the results, so I'll know what my INR level is. Then probably get more blood taken next week. You'd think they wouldnt want to take so much blood from someone that may need as much as possible in the case of a cut. And probably another ultrasound in 4-6 weeks to see the status of the clot itself.

Otherwise, everything is gravy.

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