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INR 1.1

The drugs for the clot don't seem to be working. My clotting factor is going the opposite direction. A week ago it was 1.3. It is supposed to be up near a 2.0. The doctor isnt going to believe me that I am not changing my diet. My dosage has been increased again.

I may have to engage in a personal therapy of a drink or two per day. That should help the thinning.

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I can't totally remember, but I think leafy green veggies like kale (?) are supposed to affect the clotting factor.

Yes, leafy greens do affect the clotting. They contain Vitamin K, which is processed by the body into clotting agents. So I have to stay away from most leafy greens like broccoli and spinich. However, I actually do not eat very many of the things that Im supposed to stay away from. And definately didnt eat any during the week my INR went down. So, something else is awry. Maybe I ate something that isn't restricted, and just ate too much? Garlic maybe. A canteloupe. The drug is too sensitive to other foods, and somewhat difficult to manage.

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