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My cube is a popular place for the other guys on my team to hang uot nowadays. In the cube across from me, different workers alternate on a support rotation. They are on it for six months, before going back to the planes. Usually it is pregnat women that can't fly. For the past six months, there was a woman in there most days and she was just big to start. And kept getting bigger. Moreso than could be blamed on pregnancy. She would sit in the cube and speak in French to her hairdresser (though she was Italian). And she would get warm sitting in the cube, and take off her outer layer of clothes. She wasn't being indecent, but she still managed to show a whole lot more flesh than I cared to see. Her six months was almost up, and I think she gave birth a week or so ago.

Her replacement is way easier on the eyes. Way.
Other guys stop by my cube to 'talk' to me, but never actually look at me. I can't really blame them, as the new girl is pretty smokin'. I figure it is karma giving back to me for having to sit across from the first woman for so long. This one may not last six months, but I will enjoy the view while I can. ;)

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