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I bought a new beard trimmer back in January. Some of you may recall that was about the time I started growing a new beard. Anyway, when I came home Monday evening, the first thing I saw upon opening the door was a piece of the new trimmer. Barley had gotten ahold of it, and chewed up the two plastic parts from the top. Those being the guard, and the receptacle for the hair. The rest of the trimmer was fine. So, I went online trying to find out where I could get replacement parts. Couldn't find them anywhere. I finally called Phillips Norelco and told the woman on the other end that my dog had eaten the trimmer. Lisa was her name. She asked when I bought it, and then said I could send in the whole thing, including the chewed bits, and they would completely replace it with a new one. A brand new one because my dog ate the old one! Im pretty sure that being eaten by the dog doesn't fall under 'normal wear and tear' but if they send me a new one because it is still under warranty, I'll not complain. I'll sing their praises, instead. I'll know for sure in 10-14 days after they've had a chance to get mine, and send a new one.

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