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Zero mentioned it on his post yesterday. Saturday did not go quite as planned. Friday went as it was supposed to go, and most of Saturday. The Old Mill Inn is really quite a unique place to dine. I do not recommend the Filet Mignon. Actually, Im not sure I can recommend the restaurant at all, unless you want chicken, or chicken fried steak.

The wait staff was very attentive. Possibly because we were one of three occupied tables in the restaurant. Possibly because none of the wait staff was less than fifty years old, and all had maybe been working there since before desegregation. Yes, there was a bug in martini. Fell in, and drank himself to death, I reckon. I didnt notice it until I was a little more than halfway done. When I pointed it out to our server, she took it away and returned me a fresh one. Though, I think I got the Tvarsky vodka on the second go-round.

Had a much better martini at the Meridian (maybe due to their having a selection of vodka that number more than three. Serioulsy, Old Mill Inn had three vodkas.) And it was leaving the Meridian on our way to the show that Zero made the realization that we had missed our show. By a full day. There was nothing to be done. It was too late to get new tickets, so we left. I felt bad for Zero. Im sure he felt terrible.

We still have a real good evening, though. Since we were all dressed up and had no place to go, we wound up at Avanti and just sat and drank for a couple hours. It was a good time. Ninsi and I are trying to make new plans to see the show. Still have details to work out on that though.

Anyway, it was a good weekend, if a little unexpected.

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