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Thicker'n water

My blood is still fairly thick. Five days into the Coumadin and my INR is still only 1.3. The doctors want it closer to 2. So my dosage is being increased for a week, and I'll get more blood drawn out next Tuesday or so. There may be something in my diet that interferes with the Coumadin. Or it could just be too low a dosage for me currently. It's a trial and error dosage drug, so this isnt really unexpected.

They did say I no longer need to shoot up with the Lovenox, though. Which is good, since Im now out of that drug, and didnt exactly relish the idea of buying more. Apart from the having to give myself a shot, it's a fairly expensive drug that insurance companies dont like to pay for when it is being administered at home. At about $70-80 per shot, I did not want to have to fight to make them pay for it.

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