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Saw the specialist today. The good news is that I dont have cancer. And that's pretty much the only news I care about. He did say that they sometimes younger people (35 is younger in this case) are more resistant to the Coumadin. So, he was in the process of doubling my dosage when they tested my INR. Ninsi and I were in the exam room still but could here his slightly stunned expression of 'Oh!' when the nurse told him my INR was now 1.9. It has spiked quite a bit in the last week. So, we're not doubling. Just increasing slightly.

He was not real sure that diet actually had any effect on the INR. Im still unsure of that myself also. I'll be getting my blood tested weekly for at least the next month, but wont have to go see the doctor again for at least a month.

The only downer was that my bloodwork does appear to show that I have a genetic predisposition to clotting. Once Im off this round of Coumadin (6 months) and my blood is normal, they will do a full round of blood tests again and we'll know for sure. If those tests still show the 'slight abnormality' then the doctor will recommend that I stay on blood thinners for the rest of my life. That is doable. It's just a pill once a day. However, I would be more inclined to say "Lets wait for the next clot to see if Im really that suceptible to clotting. Then I'll pop pills forever."

In short, Im fine. And a bleeder!

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