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Bubba Hur

When nothing takes long, you can do a lot at lunch. Amongst other things, I went to Best Buy at lunch today. Was thinking I might buy "Bubba Ho-tep." Some of you may recall it as being among the best movies to appear this decade.

I did not see it on the aisles, so I asked the guy if they had it. He said 'yup' and immediately led me to where he thought it was. His hand reached for, and nearly picked up, Ben Hur before he realized the error.

There's a B. There's an H. Outside of that, you really can't draw any similarities between those two movies. Okay, I've give you the 'U', but that's about it. Not even close. As luck would have it, they aren't currently stocking Bubba Ho-tep in the stores because it is being re-released in August. So unless they have an old copy, they are waiting for the new edition. Maybe I'll wait for that as well. Not on purpose, mind you. Odds are, I will forget to buy it in the next week, and it will be August before I remember again.

On the blood clot front, I started my new self-prescribed therapy last night. It involved a splash of Martini&Rossi, and a little more Goose. I feel better already.

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