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Sometimes, we do dumb things.

As I mentioned last week, I had to send back my Philips Norelco beard trimmer because the dog ate it, and they said they would just replace the whole thing. I had to send in the trimmer, and the charger cord, and any other bits that went with it. So, I sent all that in last week, and am hoping to receive something from them about mid-month.

This morning, right before I got into the shower, I was debating whether or not to shave. I haven't shaved much the past three weeks. Im not trying to grow a beard, but wasn't wanting to be clean shaven either. But, lacking the trimmer, my options are beard, or clean shave every couple days. Anyway, this morning, as I was brushing my teeth, I looked at my shaver, which is also a Philips Norelco (the Spectra 8894) product, and noticed the cord was missing. Half a beat later, I realized what a dumbass Id been last week. I had sent in the charging cord for my shaver, instead of the trimmer.

I called them on my way into work this morning and explained my error. They couldn't simply send back my cord because that package goes to a different warehouse and will just be recycled. But the lady said she could just send me out a new charger! I'm really loving the customer service of Philips Norelco now. In two weeks, they've saved me from myself, and from my dog. In the meantime, my shaver is fully charged, and the charge usually will last me over a month of shaving, so I'll be fine until the cord arrives.

In other news: I have an appointment with a hemotologist/oncologist next Wednesday. He should be able to determine if anything is actually wrong with me, and if so, how bad it is.

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